Layout and Design

Over the past two years, I have built up a growing collection of design and layout examples from various publications that I have worked on/for. As of 2014, I am the layout editor for The Gradzette, and one of two layout editors for The Projector. Each publication was laid out in Adobe InDesign.

Below you will find work samples, including a brief write up about the experience and skills I have gained.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 2.01.13 PMThe Gradzette

I was hired on as the layout editor for The Gradzette in March of 2013. The Gradzette is a monthly publication that caters to post-graduate students at the University of Manitoba. There used to be a printed edition that accompanied the online edition, but that was discontinued some time before I was hired.

A complete online archive of The Gradzette issues that I’ve been apart of can be found by clicking through to the following link:

Full online archive for The Gradzette


603616_10153976275030072_3202344332054393393_nPaint Eater Magazine

First year, second semester of Red River College’s Creative Communications program is dominated by the magazine project. I was put in a group with four others and together we produced a final product which I am very pleased with.

Paint Eater magazine was envisioned as a quarterly journal covering the urban arts and culture in Winnipeg, MB. Our first issue featured interviews with local photographers, DJs, poets, graffiti artists and b-boys. My article was focused on Winnipeg’s breakdance community.

Our group ended up winning an award for Best Content at the Creative Communications Magazine Fair in March 2014. I’ve uploaded my section of the magazine to highlight my layout choices.

Paint Eater Layout Example



The Projector

In April 2014, I was hired as one of two layout editors for The Projector, the official student newspaper for Red River College. We publish bi-weekly issues which are distributed to all RRC campuses. The Projector website features an archive of each issue, but does not have a .pdf archive highlighting the paper’s layout and design beyond the front cover:

Full online archive of The Projector


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