NEW SHOW: A gift from Bob Odenkirk and the Birthday Boys!


Bob Odenkirk has a new show on IFC.

You may know Bob Odenkirk from his role as Saul Goodman, the greasy lawyer from Breaking Bad. However, you should know Bob Odenkirk from Mr. Show, the HBO sketch comedy show he created with David Cross in the 90s.

Bob Odenkirk’s influence on comedy should not be understated. A recent article on argues that “the internet owes its sense of humour” to Odenkirk, and while the article might be a bit too glowing, the accompanying graphic (which I have shameless attached at the top of this post) that shows all of the creative connections that Bob has made throughout his career as a writer, producer and performer.

His latest project is The Birthday Boys, a sketch show that prominently features the LA sketch comedy troupe of the same name. How convenient!

So far, two episodes have been aired, and they have both been pretty awesome. The writing is on point and although I’m not familiar with The Birthday Boys’ previous work, Odenkirk has never led me astray yet.

You can catch The Birthday Boys on Fridays at 9:30c on IFC, or if you can’t catch it or don’t have IFC on your cable package, I hear that there are other means to acquire a digital copy of the programme.

Not that I would know anything about that shady side of the internet…


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