The best Star Wars reviews you’ll ever watch…

Firstly, Happy Halloween everybody. I know it’s technically two days after Halloween, but since it fell in the middle of the week, I think we get to celebrate it both the weekend before and the weekend after… SWEET.

This year, I put together a Han Solo costume.

Following along with the Star Wars theme, I feel compelled to share perhaps my favourite YouTube series produced by RedLetterMedia. Created by independent filmmaker Mike Stoklasa, RedLetterMedia’s most famous videos are its sci-fi reviews, which are channelled through a character of Stoklasa’s creation: Harry S. Plinkett.

I could describe Plinkett, but that would ruin most of the fun. Plinkett reviews the prequel Star Wars films in epic, almost feature-length videos; the review for Phantom Menace clocks in at nearly 70 minutes. That might seem a tad excessive, but trust me when I say that Stoklasa blends absurdly dark humour with a very intelligent argument as to why the prequels are an abomination to not only the Star Wars franchise, but to filmmaking in general.

You can checkout the Phantom Menace, Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith reviews on their website, or through their YouTube channel. I’ve also embedded part one of the Phantom Menace review below. Check it out!


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